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this is the official website for gregory schmauss. I'm an actor and also a film producer. I'm a current member of the screen actor's guild, [SAG-AFTRA].  You can find my IMDB page at 

You may remember me on the hit comedy nbc television series, "The Office", where  I had a co-starring role  playing the angry shareholder.

my acting career started in 1975 and i joined the screen actors guild shortly after my speaking role in "My Blue Heaven".

i also spent 20 years as a sworn, full-time deputy sheriff.  my escape from the horrors of the "real" world was and continues to be my interest and involvement in sci-fi, horror, fantasy, animation and crime drama. 

My career as a san bernardino county deputy sheriff explains why my website url is "Wazacop". I also have a mirror website of "wasacop". You might be surprised to find out that many other actors have backgrounds in law-enforcement. Robert Conrad who starred as "James West" in the TV series, "the Wild wild west" was a deputy sheriff for 8 years in bear valley, ca. lou ferrigno, "The incredible hulk" is currently a los angeles county reserve deputy sheriff and for almost 20 years, steven seagal has been a fully commisioned deputy with the jefferson parish sheriff's office in louisiana.

I'm also currently writing a crime novel in hopes that one day it may be adapted for film. I hope to follow in the footsteps of the best-selling author and grand master of crime and police, joseph wambaugh, who spent  14 years of service with the Los angeles police department. 


Welcome to my Website!

when i was a child, I lived in ealing just outside of london, england. the "doctor who" british television series first aired on my birthday in 1963. on a return visit to london i couldn't resit having my photo taken with the T.A.R.D.I.S. at BBC studios. that blue police box started me on a path between two worlds that have always intertwined and kept my facination..